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Day In - Day Out Ukulele tab

Frank Sinatra



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Day In - Day Out

Áño: 1958 - Álbum: Come Dance with Me!

(Johnny Mercer and Rube Bloom)

Tono:  C

     C       Dm7 
Day in - Day out 
G7/13-    C      G7    Cdim  C     Em7  
The    same old hoodoo follows me about 
Cm7 Cdim      G7                 
The same old pounding in my heart  
Dm7 G7              Dm7 Eb7 
Whenever I think of you 
    G7        Eb7      Dm7 G7 
And darling I think of you 
Dm7 G7         C 
Day in and day out 
G+   C       Dm7 
Day out, day in 
G5+  C      G7      Cdim    C     Cm Cm6         
I needn't tell you how my days begin 
        G                    Dm7 
When I awake I get up with a tingle 
G                   Dm7 
One possibility in view 
G         Bm         Am7   D7M    Dm7 G7 Cm G7 
That possibility of maybe seeing you 
G7/13- C           Dm7 
Come   rain, come shine 
G7/13-  C       G7     Cdim   C      E7M  E7  A7 
I      meet you and to me the day is fine 
       D7M        D7  Fm 
Then I kiss your lips  
        G5+         C        A7       D7 
And the pounding becomes an ocean's roar 
Dm7 G7M      C 
A   thousand drums 
A7M    A7 D7           Fm 
Can't you see it's love  
          G7M    C          A7    C#dim Dm7 
Can there be any doubt when there it    is 
         G7   C  Fm6 Ab7 Dm7 G5+ C Fm6 C 
Day in - Day out 
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