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A Man And A Woman Ukulele tab

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A Man And A Woman

( Pierre Barough and Francis Lai)

Tono:  A
A                                                 Em7 
When hearts are passing in the night 
In the lonely night 
Then they must hold each other tight 
Oh so very tight 
                                                 Em7  A7 G/B C7M 
And take a chance that in the light, in tomorrow's light 
Am     C7M  Am    B7                     E 
They'll stay together  so much in love 
A  Em7 E7/13-  D7M 
And in  the silence of the mist, of the morning mist, 
Em7  A7  G/B  C#7 
When lips are waiting to be kissed, longing to be kissed 
Em7  A7 G/B C7M 
Where is the reason to resist and deny a kiss 
Am    C7M  Am B7               E 
That holds a promise of happiness 
  Am   Em7 Am  Dm7  G7 G/B Am7    G/B   C7M  C7M/9 
Though yesterday     still  surrounds you 
C  Am7 Dm7     G        Am7 G/B C Am7 F#m7  B7 Cdim  E     C#m7 
With a warm and precious memory,           maybe    for tomorrow 
       C#m5-/7 Em7       A7             D7M 
We can build a new dream    for you and me 
  A  Em7 E7/13- D7M 
This glow we  feel is something rare, something really rare 
Em7 A7  G/B C#7 
So come and say you want to share, want to really share 
Em7  A7 G/B C7M 
The beauty waiting for us there, calling for us there 
Am   C7M Am  B7   Cdim  B7 Cdim E E6 
That only loving can give the heart 
  A  Em7 E7/13- D7M 
When life is passing in the night, in the rushing night 
Em7 A7 G/B C#7 
A man, a woman in the night, in the lonely night 
Em7  A7 G/B C7M 
Must take a chance that in the light, in tomorrow's light 
Am    C7M Am B7    Cdim  B7 Cdim  E 
They'll be together  so  much in love, 
     B7 Cdim  B7 Cdim  E   F#m7    B7              
Together  so much in love, so tell me    
       Cdim   E 
You're not afraid to take the chance, really take a chance 
 E  Gdim  D7M 
Let your heart begin to dance, let it sing and dance 
D7M Gdim E 
To  the  music of a glance, of a fleeting glance 
E                            Gdim                     D7M    D7M Gdim     E 
To the  music of romance, of a new romance,   take     a  chance 
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