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Lie To Me Ukulele tab

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Lie To Me

Tono:  Bb
Intro: Bb F (x3) C 

  F                      Bb 
I know I'm losing you, I feel it all the time. 
      F         Bb        Fm        C 
And I know if I lose you, then I'll lose my mind. 
    F                             Bb 
So, lie to me, lie to me, make me believe everything  

you say. 
      F              C 
Just, lie, lie, lie, lie, I'd rather have it that 
Fm  Bb F 

C      F       C   Fm   F                 Bb       
Nobody told me you were cheating, aawww,  just a  
F         Bb 
feeling I had. 
           F                                 C 
So, if I'm right, you got to lie to me, then I won't  

feel so bad. 
            F                Fm               Bb 
Because the truth would only hurt me and that price  

is too big to pay. 
    Fm         F              C                   F  Bb F 
So, lie to me, lie to me, I'd rather have it that way. 

     Bb                            F      Fm     F 
Now, you may think I'm foolish for saying what I said. 
C       Bb                                G 
But the truth could mean I'd lose you, so tell me a  
Em7          C 
little lie instead. 
F    C  F                         Bb 
Tell me that you love me and I'll believe every word 

you say. 
Fm                    F    C 
Even if you lie, lie, lie, lie, I'd rather have it that 
Fm   Bb F 
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