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Bridges Ukulele tab

Bill Staines


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Capo en el 4º traste
G G/F# Em7 G/F# Cadd9 D G 
G                  G/F#    Em7    G/F#  
There are bridges, bridges in the sky  
Cadd9                D      G  
And they are shining in the sun 
G                  G/F#      Em7      G/F#   
They are stone and steel and wood and wire  
Cadd9                   D         G   
And they can change two things to one 
          D/F#         Em7 
They are languages and letters 
         Cadd9      D 
They are poetry and awe 
G                 G/F#      Em7  G/F# 
They are love and understanding  
          Cadd9     D       G 
And they are better than a wall 
Now there are canyons, there are canyons 
They are yawning in the night 
They are rank and bitter anger 
They are all devoid of light 
They are fear and blind suspicion 
They are apathy and pride 
They are dark and so foreboding  
And they are, oh, so very wide. 
So let us build a bridge of music 
Let us cross it with a song 
Let us span another canyon 
Let us right another wrong 
Oh, and if someone should ask us  
Where we're off and bound today 
We will tell them "Building Bridges!" 
And be off and on our way.   

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