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I Really Wanna Know Ukulele tab

Austin Allsup

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I Really Wanna Know

Tono:  F
Capo en el 3er traste
D              Em 
If I ask you a question 
G                     D 
Would you tell me the truth 
D                    Em 
Baby, baby, when you saw my face  
G                 D 
What did it do to you 
D                  Em 
Did it paint you a picture, baby 
G         D 
Of me and you 
D               Em 
Did it give you butter flies  
G                     D 
Like it?s supposed to do 

G Em I just really wanna know G D If you?ll be my girl G Em Yea and even if the answer is no G D I?m still ganna give you my world
Can I see you in the morning With the sunlight in your face And would you be my redemption Would you be my saving grace If I told where if I thought it would Would you walk with me that way If I promised you forever Come let me take it day by day Chorus x 2
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