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I Could Write A Book Ukulele tab

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I Could Write A Book

( Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers)

Tono:  D
Em7 A7  D7M   B9 Em7       A7  A7/13-  D Bm7 Em7 
If they asked me, I could write  a  book 
  A7       D       F#m      Bm7    Cdim     Em7   G/B  A7 
About the way you walk and whisper      and look 
Em7 A7   D   Bb7 Em    G7    Bm7 E7/9- A 
I could write a preface   on how  we met 
B7      Em   B5+    Bm7   Bm5-/7     E7 Am7 A7 
So the world would never       forget 
Em7 A7  D7M  B9  Em7    A7      D  Bm7 Em7 
And the  simple  secret of the plot 
    A7      C   C/B   A7     D      Cdim    Em7 G/B A7 
Is just to tell them that I love you     a lot. 
 Em7 A7   D    D5+   A A9  A7 Am7 D7   G 
Then the world discovers as my book ends 
Gm  C#7 D   B   Em7    A7       D 
How to make two lovers    of friends 
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