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Just Friends


Intro: Drumbeats 
D F#m G D F#/Bb Bm G A  x2 

verse 1: 
it's good night 
it was nice 
there are so 
many things 
        D   A/C# 
i would like 
D       Bm 
to tell you 
feelings caved  
for a while now 

G D A Bm a force and shield G D F#/Bb is over you and Bm we both know that it G D A is true i'm falling Bm G E/G# for you once again A but it's hard when F#/Bb(hold) D F#m G D F#/Bb Bm G a we are just friends
D F#m G D F#/Bb Bm G verse 2: A D you think it was Bm such a right thing G what has been going A D A/C# D on half a year still Bm Em sincere to someone A i can't hear about
G D A Bm you're doing fine G D with someone else F#/Bb Bm it ain't the same G D A as being in love Bm but i can try it G E/G# for a change still A F#/Bb it's hard when we Bm A D G are just friends
Bridge: Bm A a blast of affection G Bm A D G when you're around Bm A talking for hours G(hold) it's obvious that A(hold) a match was found Guitar Solo: G D F#/Bb Bm x2 Outro: G D Na na na na na na na F#/Bb Bm Na na na na G D Na na na na na na na F#/Bb Bm A G\(hold) Na na na na

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