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How Insensitive Teclado

Tom Jobim



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How Insensitive

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Perfil Tom Jobim, Vol. 1

	  Bm7          F#/A#              Am6 
How, insensitive,  I must have seemed 
When she told me that she loved me  
G6              C7M               C#m7(b5) 
How unmoved and cold I must have seemed  
          F#7(b13) Bm(7M)         Bm7 
When she told me so sincerely  
D7/A               G#º 
Why, she must have asked  
           G7M        Em7(9)        Bm7  
Did I just turn and stare iin icy silence?  
D7/A           C#7/G#             Em6/G 
What was I to say    What can you say  
        F#7(b13)     Bm7 
When a love affair is over 

Dm7          A/C#              Cm6 
Now, she's gone away  And I'm alone  
With a memory of her last look  
A#6              D#7M               Em7(b5) 
Vague, and drawn and sad, I see it still  
          A9-(13-) Dm(7M)         Dm7 
All her heart break in that last look  
How she must have asked  
           A#7M        Gm7(9)        Dm7  
Could I just turn and stare in icy silence 
F7/C           E7/B             Gm6/A# 
What, was I To do, What can you do  
        A7(b13)     Dm7     Gm7  Dm7 
When a love affair is over, over... 

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