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Mary Teclado

The Maccabees



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	  G                       Em 
   I was in the other room 
           C                             G   D   
   when handsome was getting leather and laces 
G                     Em 
   couldn't save a family 
   cause heroes wear masks 
       G   D 
   and lycra 
   oh oh oh oh oh 
   mary get out 
   cause your freezing in in in in in 
   brother get in 
                        C        Em 
   get your head kicked in in in in 
   cause it's in in in in in  

G                  D 
   down down down down down 
   heard you fell down 
   and you scraped your knee 
G           D 
   up up up up up 
   keep yourself up 
                     C        Em 
   you get a plaster on your cut 
   cause its sewn up up up up up 

It's basically the same for the rest of the song  
here are the rest of the lyrics: 

so you've got yourself in a hole 

and you cant get out 

i wont be there 

i cant be around 

to hold you down 

and let you know 

that the places we cant go 

i wont let you fall, i wont hold you back 

cause i'm falling away 

i'm paying the maximum i'm willing to pay 

i'm willing to pay the price that you pay 

and the reason i cant stay 

is cause you live so far away 

oh mary get out 

cause your freezing 

and in the end 

brother get in 

brother get in 

brother get in 

brother get in 

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