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Hello, Young Lovers Teclado

Rosemary Clooney



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Hello, Young Lovers

	     D9         Em7       F#m7     Em7 
Hello, young lovers, whoever you are, 
  D7M           Cdim         Em7     A7 
I hope that your troubles are few; 
Em5-/7         A7       F7M         A7 
All my good wishes go with you tonight  
Em7          A7sus  A7  D       Em7 A7 
I've been in love like you. 
     D9           Em7        F#m7        Em7 
Be brave, young lovers, and follow your star; 
    D7M       Cdim         Em7    A7 
Be brave and faithful and true. 
Em5-/7        A7           FM7     A7 
Cling very close to each other tonight  
Em7         A7sus  A7   D    D7 
I've been in love like you. 
    G         Am7              Bm7                 Am7 
I know how it feels to have wings on your heels 
       G             Am7         G       G6 
And to fly down the street in a trance; 
  C#m5-/7                F#7          Bm7/5-               E7 
You fly down the street on a chance that you'll meet, 
         Em7     Bm5-/7      Em7      A7 
And you meet not really by chance. 
       D9         Em7       F#m7      Em7 
Don't cry, young lovers, whatever you do, 
      D7M  Cdim         Em7     A7 
Don't cry because I'm alone; 
Em5-/7     A7           F7M      A7 
All of my mem'ries are happy tonight 
Em7       A7sus A7  Am7 D7   
I've had a love of  my own. 
G                Gm           F#7          B7 
I've had a love of my own, like yours, 
Em7        Bb9   A7/9- A7   D 
I've had a love    of   my   own. 

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