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Katrina Elam

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	  Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected] 
D         A                    Bm        G 
Everybody does it, that's what everybody says 
        D           A                    G 
As they smoke their cigarettes on Friday night 
    D                 A             Bm                 G  
And if you're still a virgin by the time that you're a junior 
         D          A                  G 
Than the rumor goin round is you ain't right 
Maybe i'm hard headed or a little bit old fashioned 
But I always had a hard time fittin in 
So when they rolled their eyes at me and told me I ain't normal 
I always took it as a compliment 

Bm G D A Where I'm from normal is high school girls havin kids Bm A G A Marryin the boys that you grew up with Bm G D A They say girl get your head on straight, don't sit around and dream all day Bm A E7 That far away look in your eyes ain't normal G A D I say yeah whats so great about normal
Somebody's gotta wear the roller skates down at the sonic But that never really fit into my plans So when I up and moved a thousand miles from Oklahoma Nobody in that town could understand Chorus Bridge: C Em I don't know what happens next but that's ok G A Cause I know what would've happened if I'd stayed Chorus I say yeah what's so great about normal

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