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Tuning: E standard,  
Capo on 3rd 

D                                     E7 
        I close my eyes and then it's here 
Gmaj7                                    Dsus2 
        just as I thought it would never show 
D                                 E7 
        I'm closing in on someone dear 
Gmaj7                                D5 
        with words unknown and tales untold 

F#m7                            D 
        Something I'm afraid to lose 
F#m7                              Gm    Gm/A# 
        Something I would swear I could refuse 

Bm/F#                  Bm/A 
        And I'm giving in 
               G         D/F# 
        to the wide open gap 
              Gmaj7           D          A/E 
        And I never want to return here again 
A#dim7      Bm/F# 
        noâ?¦ noâ?¦ 

D                                   E7 
        I'm waking up and then it's gone 
Gmaj7                                Dsus2 
        just as I thought she'd come along 
D                                E7 
        I'm sure she waited long enough 
G                           D 
        but I was harboring above 

G                    Bm 
        I'm crawling out 
               A/E       D/F# 
        of the wide open gap 
              Gmaj7         D        A 
        And I never want to fall in again 
Bm/F#                Bm/A         G              D/F# 
        And though I know that it makes her feel sad 
          Gmaj7         D         C 
        I never want to crawl in again 
        no, no 

        Bm    C#m7/b5  D 

        Bm    C#m7/b5  D 
        E -   ver -   more 
        E -   vermore 

        Bm    C#m7/b5  D 
        E -   ver -   more 
        G*                         A/E  D/F#  G 
        no one waits for 
                                  A/E   D/F#  G 
        I thought it'd never come back 
                    A/E                 D/F#  G 
        But when it did 
                                 A/E    D/F#  G 
        I thought it'd always be there 
                     A/E                D/F#  G 
        But when it died 


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