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I Believe In You Teclado

Don Williams



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I Believe In You

	  INTRO:    C   C   G   G7       D  D7-Am G  G 
  G                            * 
I don't believe in superstars, organic food or foreign cars 
  G                                    * 
I don't believe the price of gold, the certainty of growing old 
That right is right and left is wrong, that north and south can't get along 
That east is east and west is west, and being first is always best 
        C             *       G              * 
But I believe in love,    I believe in babies 
             D           D7                   G         G 
I believe in Mom and Dad,    and I believe in you 
I don't believe that heaven waits for only those who congregate 
I like to think of God as love, he's down below, he's up above 
He's watching people everywhere, he knows who does and doesn't care 
And I'm an ordinary man, sometimes I wonder who I am 
But I believe in love, I believe in music 
I believe in magic, and I believe in you 
        C                                 C 
Well, I know with all my certainty what's going on with you and me 
     G          G         D    D               G         G 
Is a good thing.     It's true,   I believe in you 
I don't believe virginity is as common as it used to be 
In working days and sleeping nights, that black is black and white is white 
That Superman and Robin Hood are still alive in Hollywood 
That gasoline's in short supply, the rising cost of getting by 
But I believe in love, I believe in old folks 
I believe in children, and I believe in you 
OUTRO:    C    C    D    D7   G 

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