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Peace In The Valley

	  Chords change from G - C - G - D you can use your little finger on the bottom string of D to add that country twang! 
            G                                            C 
She spends too much time with her self every night just fooling arround with her fears. 
          G                                           D 
In the morning she mournes the decline of her mind, drowning in a bottle of bear. 
           G                           C  
Its too dangerous just to think about what she might have been. 
          G                           D 
If she, sung for salvation, if she danced on her dreams. 
G C There's gonna be peace in the valley tommorow. G D (TWANG!) Cause tonight she's gonna throw them all away. G C She feels so twisted. She aint ever gonna fix it. G D G She's just waiting for the light to shine on a brand new day.
VERSE 2: G C Well, he don't know if he's a communist, a hedonist or a whore. G D He spent too much time riding on the white line, to find the door. G C But if he did and he opened it, he'd find his letters in the hall. G D (TWANG!) But he's too blind to read between the lines, cause the writings on the wall. Chorus VERSE 3: (Done nice n slow...) G C Well I got ecstacy, if you need some company. G D You got that mystery, Lord I need a plan. G C All I got is this compromise, and a bag full of alibis. G D G Lord as empty as the bottle of whisky in my shaking hand. There's gonna be... NOTTY DREAD - MFT DESIGNS -

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