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Only You

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	  The Wanted - Only You 

Taken from the group's third album Word Of Mouth (Deluxe Edition), great song and quite powerful. If you guys 
don't know already, Jay McGuiness a fifth of the group, wrote the song alongside Paddy Dalton and it focuses 
on those who struggle with addictions and finding a way out, real meaningful song! 

Tuning: Standard 

F      G   Am    C                G       F  
How    can I,    hold a mirror up to your eyes? 
F      G   Am    C                 G      F 
speak  the way,  you can understand what's inside 
F                        G   Am 
you've been broken down in a thousand different ways 
          C                            G     F 
I've been looking over pictures and you hardly look the same 
      F                       G    Am   
I can see it from a mile that the way you smile has changed 
    C     G    F 
but you   don't know 

During the Pre-Chorus which is: 

It's hard for me to sit and watch you getting sick 

when all I wanna do is try... 

I like to play the riff over the top which is something like this: 

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e|---------------------------------| b|---------------------------------| g|---------------------------------| d|----------------0-0--------------| a|------0---3-3---------3-0--------| E|--3------------------------3--1--|
NOTE: listen to the song to figure out when the riff is played over the Pre-Chorus! Chorus F G Am C G F Only you, can dig yourself out just before you break down F G Am C G F only you, can lift yourself up just before you get stuck F G Am all of this pain spread all over your face C G F all I wanna do is help you out of this place F G Am C G F F only you, so hurry up now just before you run out of time G Am C G F before you run out of time verse 2 F G Am C G F Beautiful, that's the only way I see you F G Am C G F nobody else, can love you in the way that I do F G Am sometimes I get worried that you're taking on too much C G F and this crazy world we live in doesn't really give a f**k F G Am if only we could paddle to a place where it was just C G F you and I Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat Chorus Bridge The order for these chords is as follows: Am C G F x2 NOTE: listen to the song to figure out when the chords are played Repeat Chorus once more that's pretty much it, be sure to rate and comment and also message me if you have a song you want to see on the site and I'd be more than happy to give it a go! :)

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