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To Be With You Acordes

Larry Boone

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To Be With You

	  Artist "Larry Boone" 
Transcribe  [email protected] 
(A)They say all(D)things,(G)Under neath God's(D)Heaven. 
(D)They got a desti(A)ny,They got a job to(D)do. 
(D)And I think I know (G)my reason for (D)livin'. 
(D)Baby I was(A)born to be with you. 
(F)And I'd hang the(G)moon,(F)And the(C)stars a(D)bove. To 
(C)be with(A)you.(A)Just to win your(D)love. 
(D)No matter where you(G)go,(F)No matter what you(D)do. 
(A)Honey come what may I'm gonna be with you. 
Your kiss is sweet'And your arms are tender. 
Your the one I love, your a dream come true. 
Honey I give up Darlin' I surrender. 
And you know i'd wait if that's what it takes 
To be with you. 
(repeat chorous) 2x 

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