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   G                  Em            C               D 
My dreams can be such funny things, they also can be sad. 
      G               Em          C               D 
The dream I had the other night made me feel so bad. 
  C                            G 
I saw my baby with a guy who's face I couldn't see.. 
    C               D                Em  D 
And when he turned wasn't me. 

G                 Em         C               D 
Dreams can be the many a-people's prayer. 

G             Em                C            D 
But to me the other night..they only brought despair. 
   C                          G                  C 
If I could only see his face again, I might have known.. 
         D               Em 
Where my baby could have been. 

Am             G       Am                G 
If dreams come they sometimes do.. 
Am                            G 
Then I'll be afraid to dream again. 
   A7                                    D      D7 
In case she's with another..and he is my friend. 
G                     Em        C               D 
So, I hoped when I'd awake, out of my dream I'd find.. 
G          Em         C                      D 
Nobody had taken her..then I'd have peace of mind. 

    C                                        G 
But I dreamed last night I was at a football game. 
    C                  D                Em 
So, now I suppose that everything's the same. 
     C                                         G 
Yes, I dreamed last night, I was at a football game. 
    C                  D                Em 
So, now I suppose that everything's the same. 

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