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Lush Life

(Billy Strayhorn)

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	  Intro: Verse 

E7 A            E7      Fdim  A 
I used to visit all the very gay places 
E7    Fdim       A 
Those come what may places 
      E7     A    D9     A   Cdim     A7M 
Where one relaxes on the axis of the wheel of life 
  Fdim          A7M              Fdim      A7M 
To   get   the feel of life from jazz and cocktails 
E7   A       E7      Fdim            A 
The girls I knew had sad and sullen gray faces 
      E7    Fdim   A 
With distant gay traces  
      E7     A        D9         A         Cdim        A7M 
That used to be there you could see where they'd been washed away 
  Fdim            A7M           Fdim      A7M 
By   too   many through the day twelve o'clock tales 
A7   Dm       A7             Dm       Dm7      Gm           Dm 
Then you came along with your siren of song to tempt me to madness 
A7   Dm           A7        Dm           Dm7         Gm              A 
I thought for a while that your poignant smile was tinged with the sadness 
     Gdim          Fdim  
Of a great love for   me 
         Gdim Fdim  E          Dm6      F 
Ah yes!   I   was wrong again, I was wrong 
A#     Fm       A#            F        A#6  F            A#   A   C# 
Life is lonely again, and only last year everything seemed so sure 
C    A#     Fm     A#            F              A#6     F        A# A   C# 
Now life is awful again, a trough full of hearts could only be a bore 
  F        B           F        B      A#                     A#m9        A#      Cdim    A#m9 
A week in Paris could ease the bite of it, all I care is to smile in spite of it 
A#     A#m9        A#         F7           A#6      F        A#    A   C# 
I'll forget you, I will, while yet you are still  burning inside my brain 
    F      Fdim                     A#        F7/13 
Romance is mush, stifling those who strive 
   A#9         Cdim         A#   Gm7   Gdim 
So I'll live a lush life in some small dive 
    A#        A#m  Cdim    A#           F7/13 
And there I'll be, while I rot with the rest  
F7  D#     E7   F7   F#7  F7   Gdim A# 
Of those whose lives are lonely,    too 

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