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Take Me Acordes

Edwin McCain

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Take Me

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	              E          (464444) 
I pull my boots off, 
                  Asus2          (242222)  
Throw my weapon on    the floor 
          E         (464444) 
I cry my eyes out 
                     Asus2      (242222) 
In my private little war 
Well it seems I've been a soldier  
Heaven knows I've been no saint 
With my camouflage and armor  
Cold heart and grease paint 
To you this has no meaning 
The armistice laid down  
The armies all are quiet  
And the guns don't make a sound, 'cause you.. 
E                             C#m7 
   You melted the steel walls, tore down the bobwire 
Bm7                   Asus2        (002100) 
   filled in the trenches, demanded a ceasefire 
E                         C#m7  
   And now you're leavin', there's nothin' I can do 
Bm7                   Asus2       (002100) 
   I want you to know, you're gonna take me with you 
2nd Verse 
Well now feel the match on suicide in the foxhole of my mind 
and way off in the distance, the air raid sirens whine 
and they sing your song of rescue, to my tattered worn out shell 
you drag me to your safety, from this my front line hill 
C#m                 D                            E      
  The blood that was spilled in the heartache before 
C#m                 Asus2          B                             E 
  Left on massive scars, that I never, never could ignore to you 
Chorus(acoustic only) 


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