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Intro over :   C   Cmaj7 Am  Cmaj7   
Verse 1 :   
C          Cmaj7  C             Cmaj7    
would this do to make it all right   
C             Cmaj7              C                     Cmaj7    
while sleep has taken you where i'm out of sight    

     Dm          G    
I'll make my getaway   
     F             G   
Time on my own   
    Dm           G   
search for a better way   
F              G    Cadd9   C   Cmaj7   
to find my way home to your smile   

   C                                     Cmaj7   
wasting days and days on this fight    
   C                                    Cmaj7     
always down and up half the night    
   Dm           G              F                   G 
Hopeless to reminisce through the dark hours   
   Dm           G        F             G   
we'll only sacrifice what time will allow us  
   C         Cmaj7 
you're sighing....  
   C                             Cmaj7    
All alone though you're rigth here   
  C                               Cmaj7   
Now it's time to go from your sad stare  

 Dm         G  
Make my getaway  
 F               G  
Time on my own  
 Dm           G  
Leaving's a better way  
 F             G    Cadd9    C     Cmaj7   
To find my way nome to your smile  

By; Joares Pereira   


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