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P.s. I Love You

(Johnny Mercer and Gordon Jenkins)

	  C                          Em7      A7 
Dear, I thought I'd drop a line 
              Dm7  G7                Em5-/7   A7 
The weather's cool,    the folks are fine 
D7                       G7/13 
I'm in bed each night by nine  
C D7    Dm7  G7 
P.S. I love you 
C                      Em7    A7 
Yesterday we had some rain 
           Dm7  G7             Em5-/7   A7 
But all in all,    I can't complain. 
D7                   G7/13 
Was it dusty on the train 
C Bb9    C9   C 
P. S. I love you. 


  C7          Gm7           Gm7 
Write to the Browns just as soon as you're able 
F7M          F6 
They came around to call 
D7         Am7          D7 
I burned a hole in the dining room table 
    Bb7    A7/13-   D5-/7        G4/7   G7 
And let me see--I guess that's all. 
C                      Em7   A7 
Nothing else for me to say 
            Dm7     G7             Em5-/7   A7 
And so I'll close        but by the way 
D7                   G6       F#7     
Ev'rybody's thinking of you 
C Fm  Fdim  C9   C  
P.S.   I   love you 

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