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All Night Long Acordes

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All Night Long

(Richard Preston Butler, Sam Watters, Louis Biancaniello, James Scheffer)

	  Intro: G   D    A 

G                                       D                                              A 
 I see everybody around but it feels like we´re in private 
G                                          D                                           A  
 I know you want me so bad cause you just can´t seem to hide it 
G                                                           D 
 the lights are moving to the rhythm of the music, 
 when we´re together, 

 everything just comes together, baby 
G                                        D 
 so inspired by the movement, 
 we can lose it, I hope you´re ready 

 As long as I see the strobe lights, 
D                                     A 
 I´m dancing all night long 

 when we´re together, baby, 
 I´m feeling all right, 
D                                   A 
 you got me all night long 
 so tell the DJ play it all night long, 
D                        A 
 all night long, all night, night, night 
 so tell the DJ play it all night long, 
D                        A 
 all night long, all night, night night 

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