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My Girl

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Intro e|---------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------12-10------9---------(play this first riff 4 times)------------| D|---10---------10---10------------------------------------------------| A|-8----------8--------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------| e|---------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------14-12---------14-12--------12-14--------14-12-----------------| D|----12------------12-----------12-----------12-----------------------| A|-10------------10-----------10-----------10--------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------| e|---------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------12-10------9-----------12-10-----------------------------------| D|---10---------10---10-----10-----------------------------------------| A|-8----------8-----------8-----------8--7--5--------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse A|-----5------------------------------------- My hands are tied ... I'm on your side A|----7h8-7---7h8-7-------7h8---------------- You are my girl A|----5-------------------------------------- I hold your hand and understand A|----7h8-7---7h8-7-----7h8--5--------------- You are my girl, my girl Riff at Chorus begin
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e|------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------10--------------------------------------------------------------| G|--9-7------9----9-7---9-------------------------------------------------| D|------7------7------7---7-9---------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus F Em <- 2nd guitar plays first INTRO riff over F She has to learn Dm <- 2nd guitar plays the Chorus riff over Dm To walk on artificial grass F Em <- 2nd guitar plays the INTRO riff over F They have to hurt Dm Her love Verse Your big embrace Just kept me in this place, my girl And when we change We did not lose our faces, my girl Chorus F Em She has to learn Dm To walk on artificial grass F Em They have to hurt Dm Her love Bridge F Gm Oh oh... Ah ah.... F Gm Oh oh... Ah ah.... F Em Dm Ah ah.... Verse Now all is said and done, my friend We´re growing up And now that we are what we have become I still don't know, sometimes Chorus F Em She has to learn Dm To walk on artificial grass F Em They have to hurt Dm Her love Bridge F Gm Oh oh... Ah ah.... F Gm Oh oh... Ah ah.... F Em Dm Ah ah....

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