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Willie Nelson

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Willie Nelson

you were always on my mind


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you were always on my mind

	  D              A  
Maybe I didn't love you 
Bm       D          G            A 
Quite as often as I could have 
D                  A  
And maybe I didn't treat you 
Bm       D         Em7  
Quite as good as I should have 
G                  D 
If I made you feel second best 
G         D           Em 
Girl, I'm sorry I was blind 
A            Bm     A7    D     Em    F#m 
But you were always on my mind 
G        A7           D     G     A 
You were always on my mind 
(same progression as I) 
Maybe I didn't hold you 
All those lonely, lonely times    
And I guess I never told you 
I'm so happy that you're mine 
(same progression as II) 
Little things I should have said and done 
I just never took the time 
You were always on my mind 
You were always on my mind 
D     A  Bm    D 
Tell     me 
G                 D                 Em    G    A7 
Tell me that your sweet love hasn't died 
D     A  Bm 
Give     me 
D       G                  D              Em 
Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied 
     A             D 
I'll keep you satisfied 


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