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Femme fatale


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Femme fatale

C        F 
Here she comes 
C                     F 
You  better watch your step 
C              Dm7            Bb                G 
She'sgoing to break your heart in two      It's true 
C                F 
It's not hard to realize 
C                                F 
Just look into her false colored eyes 
C                Dm7                Bb               G 
She'll builds you up to just put you down     What a clown 
G               C 
Cause everybody knows   
(she's a femme fatale) 
The things she does to please  
(she's a femme fatale) 
She's just a little tease 
(she's a femme fatale) 
See the way she walks 
		 Bb    G 
Hear the way she talks 
C                   F 
Your're put down in her book 
C                               F 
Your're number 37, have a look 
C              Dm7               Bb              G 
She's going to smile to make you frown     Wha a clown 
C                    F 
Little boy,she's from the street 
C                               F 
Before you start, you're already beat 
C              Dm7            Bb                         G 
She's gonna play you for a fool, yes it's true     Yes... 
(Chorus) 2 X  
Contribuição: ivan paulo(ivanpaulob@hotmail.com) 


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