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Little Man

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Little Man

Álbum: Supertones Strike Back 
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Chords: ----5-----7-----5----2----4----3-----8----10----| ----5-----7-----5----3----5----3-----8----10----| ----5-----7-----6----2----4----4-----9----11----| ----7-----9-----7--------------5----10----12----| ------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------|
Am Bm A D E G C D Intro: Am Bm - use ska rhythm Drum fill transition E5 / / (w/dist) "Pick it up!" Verse 1: (use ska rhythm) A Keep both my eyes transfixed on the prize D A high-rise under blue skies my piece of the pie A There's a hole in my heart that I know how to fill E That's to light my cigarettes with a hundred dollar bill A It's all about cash flow the California dream D To make the grade you gotta make the green A My friend I'm the champion I've no time for losers E Never ask for nothing cuz' beggars can't be choosers A5 C5 G5 A5 C5 D5 (2x) Verse 2: Lookin' out for number one's a full time occupation I give to me myself and I my own salvation Some people try to tell me God can save me from my sin God can take a number and I'll pencil Him in Busy o' so busy I got no time to search My Sunday's are all booked I got no time for church That's for those poor souls dry as a stone God bless this child cuz' this child's got his own Chorus: A G C D Oh, let my pride fall down, I'm a little man (2x) Verse 3: He who gets the most toys and dies is the winner I'm livin' the high life with lobster tail dinners My Lexus, my yaucht, my gold chains and rings These are a few of my favorite things But most of all I keep my billfold the closest to my heart House decorated with million dollar works of art Roll with the bigwigs they think I am the man But then I stop and look and think about how big I really am Chorus: 4x Dist kicks in... D5 G5 A5 } D5 G5 B5 A5 } 2x Then... G5 A5 8x A5 C5 G5 A5 C5 D5 (2x) Refrain: (play G5 A5 8x) Mammon is an unforgiving God so I cast him away I live my life to God, not to get paid Money can never save soul and I don't think I can I look to God and I fell like a little man Chorus 4x (use power chords with dist.) G A Cifra enviada por Douglas - douglas@netabc.com.br

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