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Steel Pulse

Your House


por Sr. Incrible

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Your House

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	   Intro: Bm  A  Em  G (@x) 
Bm    A      Em        G    
Your love is a life for I 
Bm            A 
Realised that so much 
        Em         G 
When I first met you 
Bm            A        Em  
That was some time ago oh 
From then until this 
  Bm      A     Em        G      Bm    
Resist no no no close to you 
    A    Em            G       Bm 
Oh yes right from the start 
      A          Em         Q      Bm 
Oh no no no could never part 
   A   Em           G 
Oh I hear from that thought 
Bm A I wanna live in your house Em G I wanna live in your house
Bm A You say dry your....don't Em G Bm Wipe that tear drops from your A Em G eyes Em F#m Was in a little situation Bm Came with a solution Em F#m Was a revelation to hear Bm Triumphant calling A Triumphant trumpets (Bm A Em G) Scat Spa spa da dap pap spa spa
I wanna live in your house I wanna live in your house
(Bm A Em G) Oh I no hear Too much for what some say Cause at the close of the day They'll be so far away But then I know One things for certain Cause at the closing of the Woo oh oh oh Yes I know one thing for certain You'll be there you'll be there It was you That raise the flag above I head Once when I was once when I was In a little situation Came with a solution Was a revelation to hear Triumphant calling Triumphant Trumpets Chorus I wanna live in your house I wanna live in your house To make I home To make I home yeh I wanna live

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