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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Parallel Universe


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Parallel Universe

Áño: 1999 - Álbum: Californication

	  Intro:Cm Bb Dm Eb G 
Cm                      Bb 
 Deep inside of a parallel universe 
Dm                           Eb 
 It’s getting harder and harder 
 To tell what came first 
Cm                                Bb 
 Under water where thoughts can breathe easily 
Dm                  Eb             
 Far away you were made in the a sea 
 Just like me 

Cm Bb C#9 Christ I’m a sidewinder I’m a Gm California king Cm Bb C#9 I swear it’s everywhere Gm It’s everything
(Cm Bb Dm Eb G) Staring straight up into the sky Oh my my a solar system that fits In your eye microcosm You could die but your never death spider web Take a look at the stars in Year head fields of space kid Refrao (Cm Bb Dm Eb G) Psychic changes are born in your heart entertain A nervous breakthrough that makes us the same Bless your heart girl Kill the pressure it’s raining on Salty cheese When you hear the beloved song I am with you Refrao Cm Bb Dm Eb G

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