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Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson

I Can't Help It


por georgewilson

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I Can't Help It


Am7 Abm7 x 4  

Verse 1:  

Amaj7               Abmaj7  
Looking in my mirror  
Amaj7                Abmaj7  
Took me by surprise  
Fm9                  Bbm7  
I can't help but see you  
Dbm9      Ebsus                     E Gbm Abm A  
Running often through my mind  

Amaj7                Abmaj7  
Helpless like a baby  
Amaj7           Abmaj7  
Sensual disguise  
Fm9                 Bbm7  
I can't help but love you  
Dbm9         Ebsus             Abmaj7  
It's getting better all the time  


I can't help it if I wanted to  
Dbm9                A13/Eb 
I wouldn't help it even if I could  
I can't help it if I wanted to  
Dbm9                 A13/Eb  
I wouldn't help it, no  



Verse 2  

Love to run my fingers  
Softly while you sigh  
Love came and possessed you  
Bringing sparkles to your eyes  

Like a trip to heaven  
Heaven is the prize  
And I'm so glad I found you, girl  
You're an angel in disguise  



Fm9                     Bbm7  
And I'm so glad I found you, girl  
Dbm9        Ebsus           Abmaj7  
You're an angel in disguise  


Chorus to fade-out  


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