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Bad Love


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Bad Love

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	  Intro + Solo: Dm    C      Gsus
Bm                   E                 A
Oh, what a feeling I get when I'm with you
Bm                     E              A
You take my heart into everything you do
       Bb       C           Am     Bb
And it makes me sad for the lonely people
Bb            C           Dm
I walked that road for so long
      Bb        C              Am    Bb
Now I know that I'm one of the lucky people
Bb           C         Gm
Your love is making me strong
Dm C Gsus Had enough bad love Dm C Gsus I need something I can be proud of Dm C Gsus Had enough bad love Dm C Bb No more bad love
Solo: (Same Chords As Refrain) Bm E A And now I see that my life has been so blue Bm E A With all the heartaches I had till I met you Bb C Am Bb But I'm glad to say now that's all behind me Bb C Dm With you here by my side Bb C Am Bb And there's no more memories to remind me Bb C Gm Your love will keep me alive **Refrain **Solo **Bridge (Do Sol Re) **Rit. **Solo

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