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Áño: 1992 - Álbum: Unplugged

Tono:  E Más
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	  E E F F F# F#     C/G              (the E F F#'s are just the bass notes) 
Alberta           Alberta 
G                C/G* 
Where ya been so long 
F                F Bb Bb F         (2 strums for Bb) 
Alberta Alberta 
C/G - with the little lick 
Where ya been so long 
C/G             G 
Ain't had me no lovin' 
G              C/G* 
Since you been gone 
(The song ends on a quick little G then C strum) 


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3 comentários

hace 1939 años atrás
Nothing wrong with this... there are dozens of covers of Alberta and playing this one with a D tuning sounds very authentic.
hace 2091 años atrás
bloody ridiculous ...
hace 2627 años atrás
A very poor tab and should be removed as it is a hindrance to beginners. The FFBbBb should be C C7 F Fm there is no Bb in the song at all
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