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Elvis Presley

It's Now or Never


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It's Now or Never

Áño: 2001 - Álbum: The Essential Elvis Presley

(Schroeder / Gold / Di Capua)

	  Intro: E B7 E 
             E                   F#m
It's now or never, come hold me tight,
            B7                 E
kiss me my darling, be mine tonight.
  Am                  E                        
Tomorrow will be too late, 
             B7                   E
it's now or never, my love won't wait.

                 E                          F#m
1. When I first saw you with your smile so tender,
                  B7                    E
    my heart was captured,  my soul surrendered.
    I'd spend a lifetime waiting for the right time,
                       E               B7      E
    now that you `re near the time is here at last.  + REFRAIN 

                E                       F#m
2. Just like a willow, we would cry an ocean,
                B7                    E
    if we lost true love and sweet devotion.
    Your lips excite me, let your arms invite me,
                    E               B7        E
    for who knows when we'll meet again this way.  + REFRAIN 
                 B7                   E
    it's now or never, my love won't wait,
                 B7                   E
    it's now or never, my love won't wait,
                 B7                   E
    it's now or never, my love won't wait.

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