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Bruce Springsteen

Gypsy Biker


por jb46530

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Gypsy Biker

Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Magic

	  CAPO 1 
Intro:  A   Em   G   D A  }  w/ harmonica 

The speculators made their money 
On the blood you shed 
         G                           D                           A 
Your Mama's pulled the sheets up off your bed 

The profiteers on Jane Street 
Sold your shoes and clothes 
G                  D                            A 
Ain't nobody talking 'cause everybody knows 
G                                     D 
We pulled your cycle up at the garage 
        G                      A 
And polished up the chrome 
        G        D       G           A 
Our Gypsy biker's  comin' home 

Sister Mary sits with your colors 
Brother John is drunk and gone 
G                                   D 
This whole town's been rousted 
Which side you on 

The favored march up over the hill 
In some fools parade 
              G                  D 
Shoutin' victory for the righteous 
          G               D           A 
There ain't much here but graves 
G                  D 
Ain't nobody talkin'  
                 G                   A 
We're just waitin' on the phone 
       G         D         G          A 
Our Gypsy biker is comin' home 

Instrumental:  A   Em   G  D   A    } x2 

Bm                           G 
We rode her into the foothills 
            D                        A 
Bobby brought the gasoline 
We stood 'round the circle 
            G           D 
As she lit  the ravine 
       Bm                G 
The spring high desert wind 
                                 D                         A 
Rushed down on us all the way back home 

Instrumental:   D   G   A     w/ harmonica 

To the dead it don't matter much 
'Bout who's wrong or right 
        G                      D                               A 
You asked me that question I didn't get it right 

You slipped into your darkness 
Now all that remains 
G                         D 
Is my love for you brother 
G                        A 
Lying still and unchanged 
G                  D 
To them that threw you away 
G            D              A 
You ain't nothin' but gone 
       G         D         G         A 
Our Gypsy biker is comin' home 
G                              D 
Now I'm out countin' white lines 
             G                                  A 
Countin' white lines and getting stoned 
      G         D      G                A 
My Gypsy biker   is coming home. 

Instrumental:    A   Em   G  D   A   } x2      (background: La La La La .....) 
Fade on:     A   Em   G   .... 



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