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Bad Astronaut

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Bad Astronaut



por jessgomes

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E                                   G# 
Possessions never meant anything to me 

I'm not crazy 
C#m               B              A       B    
 Well that's not true, I have a bed, and a guitar 
       E                             G# 
And a dog named Dog who pisses on my floor 
That's right, I've got a floor 
     B        A        B          
So what, so what, so what? 
      E                 G# 
I've got pockets full of Kleenex and lint and holes 
      C#m                     A 
Where everything important to me 
Just falls right down my leg 
And on to the floor 
C#m               B           A 
    My closest friend linoleum 
   B    E 
G#                 C#m                       A 
  Supports my head, gives me something to believe 
       E                                G# 
That's me on the beach side combing the sand 
Metal meter in my hand 
Sporting a pocket full of shit 
       E                                      G# 
That's me on the beach with a violin under my chin 
               C#m             A 
Playing with a grin, singing GBH 
       E                     G# 
That's me on the back of the bus 
That's me inside the cell 
That's me inside your head 
                      E G#     C#m    A 
That's me inside your heeeead  heeeeeead 
                      E      G#   C#m   B   A   B 
That's me inside your head 

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