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Chorus: C Am D7 G *Riff 1 C Am D7 G *Riff 2 Verse: G Em7 D7 C7 G Em7 D7 C7 G C7 Em C7 G C7 G (stop) G Chorus: C Am D7 G *Riff 1 C Am D7 G *Riff 2 *Riff 1 G C G e|-3-3-3-3-- B|-3-5-3-3-- 3X G|-4-5-3h4-- D|-5-5-3h5-- A|-5-3-3h5-- E|-3-X-3-3-- *Riff 2 G C G e|-3-3-3-3---3-3-3--3--3-3-- B|-3-5-3-3---5-3-3--3--5-5-- G|-4-5-3h4---5-3h4--4--5-5-- D|-5-5-3h5---5-3h5--5--5-5-- A|-5-3-3h5---3-3h5--5--3-3-- E|-3-X-3-3---X-3-3--3--X-X--