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Sweet Annie Ukulele tab

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Sweet Annie

Tono:  E
Capo en el 2º traste

       E               A             E 
I been burning bright so long I can't remember 
E                                           B 
Pretty girls and late night bars seem to be my line of work 
E                              A                E 
Believe me when I say, I can't stay this high forever 
A                E                    B             E 
This man's had all he can stand, time to lay this body downai 

E A E Sweet Annie, can I stay with you a while A E B Cause this roads been putting miles on my heart E A E Sweetheart I've been livin in a fantasy but one day lightning will strike A E B A E And my bark will lose its bite but dont give up on me sweet Annie
Sweet Annie, I know I promised you a life But with an empty bed and the words I said dont carry any weight If I could take back yesterday, find a way to start it over Turn around, put that bottle down and pray its not too late Chorus Bridge: A C#m Turn out the light these hands alone to hold you B E Fall all over you all over again A E Come a little closer so I can show you Ab C#m My heart still beats fast for you A B A E A B A E All over and over again Chorus
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