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Tono:  Am
	  Acoustic Guitar 
           Am                      G 
When it'?s missing and you want it more, it isn't right 
Am                       G 
Turnin', turnin' out the door and back to this 
Am                     G 
Leave it like it was before and let me out 
Am                             G 
Must have been the end of the story 
Am G Giving it all giving all away G You gonna wake up someone Am G Study all the wings that crowd your face G You gonna end up like one Am G Trouble at home travel away you say G The road don't like me Am G Travel away travel it all away Am The roads gonna end on me
Verse: Am, n/c Am Men, they like me cause n/c I'm a warrior a warrior Am Stand on my feet and dance n/c The warrior the warrior Am Where would I be? I'd be n/c a Warrior a warrior Am G Now the strangers have caught on G Am And there riding in the back seat Am G The river's gonna wash all G Am Yeah the river it spoke to me Am G Am Told me I'm small and I swallowed it down Am G If I make it all I?ll make you want me Break: Am, Cm, Em, G, a, G, D, G, D, G, D x2
Am G Trouble at home travel away you say G Am The road don't like me Am G Travel it all travel it all away G Am The road's gonna get on me Am G And I'm small G Am The road?s gonna get on me Am G Well if it makes at all G The road?s gonna end on me
Verse: Am Am n/c Like a warrior a warrior Am Am n/c Dance the warrior, the warrior Am
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Riff in Verses: |------------------------| |------------------------| |------------------------| |------------------------| |-------2--5--------2--5-| |-3--5--------3--5-------|
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