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Stoney Creek Ukulele tab

Xavier Rudd



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Stoney Creek

Tono:  Db

C                 Am    
Baby, the wind is blowin' (fill 1) 
    F               G               C    
So, rest your weary head here on my knee (fill 2) 
There's no way we're getting on the ocean (fill 1) 
   F               G                   C     
So fuck everything else and let's just be (fill 2) 

Indi pup well she just found a chicken (fill 1) 
    F                 G                 C     
And we found us sweet place to rest our feet (fill 2) 
With honeybird there ain't nothin' missin' (fill 1) 
F                              G        C     
Hazel eyes, the most beautiful red I've seen (fill 3) 

  C    C   Am    
This is home Home 

Solo F  G  C  Am  
       F  G  C  

C                           Am       
Spendin' time here in these islands (fill 1) 
   F                    G                 C    
It seems the whole wide world has gone crazy (fill 2) 
So take my hand, let's walk this together (fill 1) 
F                G               C    
Teach our little man the best we see (fill 2) 

Cause baby, the wind is blowing (fill 1) 
    F                    G                C    
And there ain't no other place I'd rather be (fill 2) 
F         G              C        
  And the wind owes me nothing  (fill 2) 
F          G                  C     
  But it's blown me here with you (fill 2)   wo-o-oah 
F            G               C        
  And it can blow until it's through (fill 3) 

  Am       Am 
Cause baby, the wind is blowing (fill 1) 
      F              G                C   
There ain't no other place I'd rather be (fill 3) 

This is home (fill 2) 

Solo Final F  G  C 
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