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Failure Of Liver Ukulele tab

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Failure Of Liver

Tono:  D
INTRO (Play twice): 

D   G   D (walk-up) 

verse 1: 

D           G             D          (walk-up) 
  Waxed and glazed, she's ready to go 
D           G      D 
  Tuesday evening, eight dollar show 
G           C        G 
  Went downstairs to meet her friends 
D       G             D   (walk-down) 
  For a tall glass of gin 
Straight to the tables, rack 'em up girls 
     D             G      D 
It's ladies night out in this man's world 

D    G    D 
D    G    D 

verse 2: 
D             G             D 
  Walls are stark white and so am I, 
D         G           D 
  'til I turn out the light 
G        C       G 
  In an instant it's all blue and, 
D       G         D 
  So am I without you 
  Empty frames upon empty walls, 
     D         G        D 
You left no returnin', broke my heart 

D   G   D 

G C G Mile a minute song requests G C G Hidden track is never the best one and D G D It's a cold, lonely house D G D (walk-down) Man I gotta get out A Failure of liver I'm callin' for help, Bm C G A But I get no reply, saaaave myyyyself
Steel Guitar Solo (Play verse chords once) (Repeat Chorus) verse 3/FINAL Chorus: D G D Waxed and glazed, she's ready to go D G D Tuesday evening, eight dollar show G C G Here am I in my room all alone D G D Passed out drunk by the phone A Failure of liver, I'm callin' for help D G D But I get no reply, save myself
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