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Blue skies Ukulele tab

Willie Nelson



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Blue skies

Tono:  Em
	   Em        B+           Em7  A7 
Blue skies   smiling at me, 
C#m7/5-       G    Em7   C9    D     G   B7 
Nothing but blue skies       do I see. 
Em          B            Em7    A7 
Bluebirds       singin a song, 
C#m7/5-       G   Em7    C9   D        G 
Nothing but bluebirds       all day long. 
   G           G6  Cm          G 
Never saw the sun shining so bright. 
 C          G     D         G 
Never saw things going so right. 
   G         G6    Cm      G 
Noticing the days hurrying by, 
   C             G        B7            Em   B  
When you are in love, my, my, how they fly. 
Em         B                 Em7     A7 
Blue days,      all of them gone- - 
C#m7/5-      G          C9   D        G   Gdim Dm7sus4  G 
Nothing but blue skies     from now on. 

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