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Not alone Ukulele tab




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Not alone

Tono:  Am9
	  Am9 F9 
Take your broken dreams, lost and left away 
Where the silence lives, where you meet the pain 
Paradise of tears, fire without a flame 
Face without tears, tears without shame 
G4 Dm 
When you found the key, than you lost the way 
F9 C 
Love desapeared, you died another day 
G4 Dm 
When you are down and hopeness' gone 
F9 C 
Speak to the sky, your're not alone 
G4 Dm 
In every time you might be strong 
F9 C 
Make up your mind, you're not alone 
G Dm 
Love finds a way, you just need to pray 
F9 C  
Somehow you know, you're not alone 
G4 Dm 
Lift up your voice, sing to the trone 
F9 C  
Praising the Lord, you're not alone  

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