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Ghost Town Ukulele tab

Vinícius Galant



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Ghost Town

Tono:  G#
Intro: G# Cm Bb (2x) 

G# 		         Cm 		       Bb 
  I've been looking around just to see your ghost  
Marching to the clockwork  
G# 	              Cm 		  Bb 
  I was fooling around when I saw you first  
Just a shadow in the crowd 

G# Cm Bb 

G# 	                Cm 		     Bb 
  I would ride you along  to the warm old room  
Caught you waiting for a taxi 
G# 	           Cm 		           Bb 
  In a winter night tell me where do you go  
We're hanging in the sea road 

G# 	Cm        D7 (x2) 

G#                      Cm                   D7                          
  Feel the days and the minutes comin up slow 
 Lying in bed just waiting for the sun to go  
                       Cm                     D7                          
  Feeling I would just find you in the backdoor  
                                                 G# Cm Eb D 
Coming in flames and falling to the kitchen floor 

G# 		         Cm  	          Bb 
  I would follow your words loud and clear  
My mouth was like a desert 
G#                      Cm               Bb                          
  Then I found you alone, choking in tears 
Did it feel so unreal 

G# Cm D7   (x2) 

G# 		      Cm 		       D7      
  When I saw you come flying through the window   
I saw you finally coming out of my control   
                    Cm                    D7 
  Come close and surround me in a cold storm  
                 Fm                  Eb   
I ran burning insane to the corridor 

  Sent you away  
To that old ghost downtown  
Where my eyes can reach your face 
Eb            Fm                                                     
  Falling away, 
Was I supposed to know 
I would want you back again 
  Bb               C               G# 	Cm  F5          
Marching to the clockwork of my days 

      G# Cm Bb   F5                      G# 
Ooooooo        marching to the clockwork  
                      Cm                     Bb               
I've been looking around just to see your ghost 
    F5                   G# 
Marching to the clockwork 
                      Cm                     Bb               
I've been looking around just to see your ghost 
    F5                   G#  Cm  
Marching to the clockwork 
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