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Ill Be Your Lover Too Ukulele tab

Van Morrison



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Ill Be Your Lover Too

Tono:  Em
Intro:          Em      C 

Em                      C 
I'll be your man 
Em                      C 
I'll understand 
Em                               C              D 
Do my best to take good care of you 
Yes I will 

Em                      C 
You'll be my queen 
Em                      C 
I'll be your king 
      Em                C                 D 
Yeah,   I'll be      your lover, too 
Yes, I will 

Em                      C 
Derry down green 
Em                      C 
Colour of my dream 
     Em      C          D 
A dream that's daily coming true 
I'll tell ya 

Em                      C 
When day is through 
  Em            C                
I will come to you 
Em                    C                           D 
    That's if you want  your many charms 

Em                            C 
     And you'll look at me 
Em                          C 
    With eyes that see 
Em                    C                   D 
    And melt into    each other's arms 

Em                         C 
      And so I come 
Em                      C 
      To be the one 
Em                           C                    D 
      Who's always standing next to you 

Em                      C 
Umm, reach out for me 
Em              C 
So  I   can   be   alright 
Em                                      C                             D 
             The one who's always         reaching out for you 
Yes I will, yes I will 

Em                      C 
       You'll be my queen 
Em                      C 
        I'll be your king 
Em                      C             D 
        And I'll be your lover, too.  
Em // C // X2 
Em // C // D/ Dsus4/ D/ Dsus2 / 
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