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Blue Skies Ukulele tab

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Blue Skies

Tono:  A
	  intr 2x?:  A   E  D  E 

Embers in the ashtray 
Six-pack down behind my seat 
One hand up on the wheel 
Eat A Peach playin' on repeat 
Got my baby at my side 
Her hair whippin' all in the wind 
The last time I felt this good 
I can't remember when 

A Listen to the Goodyear's roll E Hummin' through the radio D Let it lighten up your load A Ain't got no place to go A Watching those fence poles fly E As the miles roll by D Nothin' but blue skies A Hangin' over you and I
SOLO A E D E A Ain't lookin' for direction E Don't need it if it don't come free D A billboard says "Trust the Lord" A A piece of country I ain't never seen A Nobody wavin' in the rearview E Just put the pedal to the floor and drive D Don't it feel so good to you? E I feel so alive REFRÃO D Her painted toes on the dash E Her hand on my knee D She ain't looking out the window E Cause she's too busy lookin' at me Yeah
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