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Bury Me Deep In Love Ukulele tab



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Bury Me Deep In Love

Tono:  G
G Bm Bury me deep in love; bury me deep in love, Em C Take me in, under your wing, bury me deep in love.
G Bm There's a chapel deep in a valley for traveling strangers in distress Em C It's nestled among the ghosts of the pines under the shadow of a precipice. G Bm When a lonesome climbing figure, slips and looses grip Em C Tumbles into a crevice, into his icy mountain crypt. CHORUS X 1 G Bm When the rock below is shaking, the heart inside is quaking Em C How long this cold dark night is taking, bury me deep in love CHORUS X 1 And the little congregation gathers, prays for guidance from above They sing "hear our meditation, lead us not into temptation, But give us some kind of explanation, bury us deep in love." G Bm You may loose me on the east face; you may loose me on the west Em C I may be covered over in the night, bury me deep in your love, yes yes CHORUS X 2 G Bm Bury me deep in love darling, bury me deep in your love' Em C Deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper in love.
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