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You Already Know Ukulele tab




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You Already Know

Tono:  F#
	  intro: F# Bbm Ebm B F# C#  

Verse I 

This bipolar love affair 
Bbm                                    Ebm 
It just ain't where it's at for me anymore 
                  B                      F# 
So don't let the door hit you when you leave 

You throw me in the fire just to save my life 
A pretty little liar 
When I call you out you'd rather put up 
         B              F# 
a fight than just come clean 
F# Get on your way to making someone else feel low Bbm Then higher than they ever thought they could go Ebm B F# You already know F# Bbm I'm giving you up, you're letting me down Stop pretending that you're gonna turn yourself around Ebm B F# You already know, know, know Bbm You already know, know, know, know Ebm B F# Don't ask me why you already know
Verse 2 I was the shoulder you leaned on You made me feel like the next James Bond Double O seven oh hell, you were heaven to me But while you were saying what I wanted to hear You started breaking ground on a new frontier Always making love but never to me Chorus repeated F# Abm You already know that I'm done waiting C# B Abm Going crazy hating myself for loving you Fm C#m F# At least the one side of you I thought I knew F# Bbm Ebm B F# You already know You already know, know, know, know Bbm You already know, know, know, know Ebm B Bbm Ebm B F# Don't ask me why
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