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Mermaid Ukulele tab




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Tono:  G
Capo en el 1er traste
G  A  Bm  D (2x)  

G A Bm D Em A  


G                A           Bm              D  
Can?t swim so I took a boat, to an island so remote  
G           A              Bm          D  
Only Johnny Depp has ever been to it before  
G                       A                Bm                   D  
I stayed there till the air was clear I was bored and out of tears  
Em                             A  
Then I saw you washed up on the shore  

G          A             Bm           D  
I offered you my coat, thank god this luck can flow  
G               A                Bm            D  
Crazy how that shipwreck met my ship was coming in  
G                 A               Bm           D  
We talked till the sun went down, love on the fugit sound  
Em                      F#m  
My treasure map was on your skin  

Bm            D      A           G  
Beauty in the water, angel on the beach  
Bm       D       A          F#m  
Ocean?s daughter, I thought love was out of reach  
Bm     D                A                  Em  
Till I got her, had I known it could come through  
                      A                    G    A   Bm  
I would have wished in ?92, for a mermaid just like you  


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