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The Ketchup Song Ukulele tab

Tom Connors

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The Ketchup Song

Tono:  D
But he had eyes for other girls and she was a little mushy 
And so they said well let's get wed there's no sense being buzzy 
        C                        G                D 
Cho...	Baked size french fries how they loved tomatos 
	So dress them up with Heinz ketchup 
	Ketchup loves potatos 
         D               G 
	Ketchup loves potatos 
So he went down to Windsor town to buy a ring on Monday 
Saturday they said o.k. we'll cut the cake on Sunday 
But Sunday came & what a shame they had no one to fetch it 
Without a cake they just sat & ate potato chips & ketchup 
And so this guy from P.E.I. they used to call potato 
He's got to boys & a little girl 
Two spuds & one tomato 
They romp & run around Leemington  
And boy when they get hungry 
The bottle drips all over the chips 
Way down in ketchup country 
Dan Nicholas 
Arnprior, On. Canada 
[email protected] 

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