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The Canadian Lumberjack Ukulele tab

Tom Connors

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The Canadian Lumberjack

Tono:  E
	  The Canadian Lumberjack 
By Stompin' Tom Connors 
>From the LP.. Bud The Spud & Other favourites 
Transcribed by Dan Nicholas 
E                                       B7 
If I sang about a saddle, a lassoo, & a gun 
                      E       A         B7     E          
You'd think about a cowboy beneath the prarie sun 
But I sing about a pine tree  with a bucksaw & an axe 
                E              A      B7    E 
I sing about a big man, the Canadian Lumberjack 
          A                        E 
Cho.. Oh hey to the happy workin' bushman 
             B7               E 
      Of Canada He's a lumberjack 
          A                         E  
      Oh hey, to the master of the bushland 
                    B7                   E 
      He's born to live by the big broad axe 
                    B7                   E 
      He's born to live by the big broad axe 
E                                                         B7 
He'll go up for a giant breackfast, of pancakes, beans & mush 
                            E          A       B7         E  
And then you'll hear him whistle all morning through the bush 
And when it comes to hardwork there's just no turning back 
                        E       A     B7     E    
That son of a gun of an iron Canadian Lumberjack 
And when his day is over he'll talk with many chums 
                        E             A        B7         E  
He'll sing about his sweetheart he'll wed when springtime comes 

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