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Blue Nose Ukulele tab

Tom Connors

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Blue Nose

My (C)father was a Blue Nose, and (F)his dad through and through, 
My (G7)mother, she's a Blue Nose, and her mother's mother (C)too, 
We live in Nova Scotia where the (F)sea and sky are blue, 
And (G7)when they call us Blue Nose, we're goldang proud they (C)do. 
>From Sydney to the Yarmouth town and (F)all points in between, 
It's (G7)just a magic picture book, the like you never (C)seen, 
And the pioneer who settled here and (F)gave this land a name, 
If (G7)he was called Blue Nose, I wanna be called the (C)same. 
For we (F)turned the wheels of industry before the days of oil, 
When the Nova Scotia miners gave the world their precious (G7)coal, 
And we (C)built the fastest sailing ship that (F)ever sailed the sea, 
And if (G7)that was called Blue Nose, that's good enough for (C)me. 
Now (C)you might work in Halifax or (F)make Cape Breton steel, 
But (G7)there's a bond between us all we understand and (C)feel, 
And the world has seen our brothers who went (F)off to fight the war, 
And if (G7)they were called Blue Nose, could we be something (C)more? 
Down where the (F)seafoods are the finest, always grade A number one, 
And the orchards of Anapolis, they're the second best to (G7)none, 
We (C)love you, Nova Scotia, may you (F)stand forever proud, 
And G7)when they call you Blue Nose, just smile and take a (C)bow. 
We (C)live in Nova Scotia where the (F)sea and sky are blue, 
And (G7)when they call us Blue Nose, we're goldang proud they (C)do. 
Submitted by:  Dennis Hiebert 
               [email protected] 
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